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Clapper bridge in Postbridge, Dartmoor Postbridge, Clapper bridge

Postbridge is a wonderful collection of houses and farms and takes its name from the famous clapper bridge for which it is perhaps best known. About 150 peple live in homes that make up the village buit all are spread out over quite a distance. Residents who live in smaller collections of dwellings, such as Bellever and Challacombe, and more remote places like Parsons Cottage and Stannon also consider themselves a part of Postbridge making the village about 4 miles long and a mile wide!

Although there is no centre of the village in the traditional sense, the bridges, the Post Office and Stores and the East Dart Hotel (local pub) are certainly the focus for visitors and residents alike. St. Gabriel's church and the village hall just down the road from Beechwood.

The village takes its name from its bext known feature, the Clapper Bridge. Notable for its size the bridge is made from granite slabs, or "pawsts"and was built sometime between the 12th and 15th centuries.
The name of the bridge itself came first, "Post-bridg" the name of the relatively modern village a while afterwards and there appears to be no evidence that the road was ever a "post" road.

Clapper Bridge, Postbridge
The Clapper Bridge;

The community of Postbridge is made up of people from very diverse backgrounds but all have one thing in common, the desire to live in this unique place, some are retired but many are still working and several have their businesses right here in the middle of the high moors.

Seventh Wave Music is an independent UK record label featuring the work of Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer, musicians/artists from Postbridge. The music and art are inspired by the sacred nature of the ancient and wild land.

Runnage Farm, from where we get much of our beef and lamb, has been farmed by the Coaker family for 3 generations since 1843. Phil and Christine Coaker won the John Neason Award for diversification in 2005 as they now operate camping barns, a bunkhouse and a campsite at Runnage.


The Warren House Inn, 2 miles from Beechwood, is a very well known walkers pub and is famous for having a fire that has been burning since 1845 and serves good real ales and home cooked food.

Powdermills, originally the site of a gunpowder works is now well known for the pottery there but it is also home to Spirit of Adventure, providers of worldwide adventure activities, and Dartcom, manufacturers of weather satellite and remote sensing ground stations.


Also at Bellever can be found the Youth Hostel and the offices of the Forestry commision, responsible for maintaing the car park and tracks around Bellever Forest.

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Take an excellent interactive visit of Postbridge and learn all about the Clapper Bridge and much more,

Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer make music and art inspired by this ancient and wild land.
seventh wave music

Joss Hibbs' handcrafted pottery at Powdermills and studio showing the work of 30 Dartmoor craftmakers
powdermills pottery

Spirit of Adventure, adventure activities, including navigation training, climbing and kayaking
spirit of adventure

Runnage Farm, suppliers of Dartmoor beef and lamb, camping barns, bunkhouse and campsite
runnage farm

Dartcom, weather satellite and remote sensing ground equipment

Coopers Visiting Tailor with over 40 years experience in the tailoring industry
coopers visiting tailor

Beef and Lamb also comes from Frank and Sue Martin at Pizwell Farm
meat dartmoor