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Beechwood B&B approved accommodation on Dartmoor is proud to be a member of the Dartmoor Partnership

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Lillies in the Garden at Beechwood B&B on Dartmoor No weeds

The garden surrounding the house is almost an extension of the meadows! Wild flowers thrive and are complimented by some cultivated plants here and there. Daffodils and primroses in February & March, poppies and oxeye daisies in May, June & July. We are quite happy to simply keep things tidy for now and have no intensions of formalising what we have.

Buzzing Bees!
The nice thing about encouraging wild flowers is that we can say we haven't got any weeds - all the plants are meant to be exactly where they are! Although I have to admit to a personal battle against the dandelions as there are rather too many of them.

Bee in a dandelion

Oxeye Daisies

A place to relax, even if for just a moment
Beechwood is a very tranquil place, despite the proximity to the road. It seems that everyone who comes here manages to wind down and take pleasure in watching the world go by - and the garden is the best place to do it!
The pond in front of the house is home to many goldfish who were resident when we moved here. Dragonflys, damselflys, frogs, newts and toads also make their presence known
Fish pond at Beechwood B&B on Dartmoor
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What a great find! Beautiful surroundings and caring people. Thank you for everything; we hope to return and will tell all our friends (or maybe we'll keep it to ourselves)
- B & G, London
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