The 4 seasons on Dartmoor - spring, summer, autumn and winter...



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Above is the latest image from the live Dartcom webcam (DartCam), here by kind permission of Dartcom. Click on the image to see the image at full size.

Dartmooor and weather are two words often found in the same sentence. Rain and wind can be in there too sometimes but we do get lots of fine, clear days when you can simply see for miles - at any time of the year. Often it's so clear that, as you crest the top of that last rise you know you are going to be able to see all the way into Cornwall and beyond. Either that or you run into the biggest, greyest squall of wind and hail ever and it chases you all the way back to Beeechwood.

To find out what the weather might be like during your visit, take a look at the met office web site....more>

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"Although it was raining cats and dogs we enjoyed our stay because of the warm, hospitality."
- C & V, Germany
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5 day weather forecast: Tavistock from the Met Office