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Dartmoor became a national park in 1951 and its interests are looked after by the Dartmoor National Park Authority based at Parke, Bovey Tracey. There are 3 military firing and exercise ranges in the west of the moor where access is limited but, by and large, and although all of the moor is privately owned, anyone can go more or less all over it - which is great so long as they follow a few basic rules. Other volunteer organisations exist that also aim to protect and preserve the moor, it's wildlife and it's way of life. Between them all there is a wealth of information available, on the internet and in the excellent information centres around the park, one of which is right here in Postbridge.

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The Dartmoor Preservation Association is "The Independent Voice of Dartmoor Conservation", a charity working to protect the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Dartmoor. Beechwood is a member of the DPA and as such our guests are entitled to join the organised guided walks and talks held by them on a frequent basis. For more information on the DPA, its aims and objectives take a look at the web site and follow the links to forthcoming walks. Map of Dartmoor
Much of the north-western part of Dartmoor is managed and used by the Ministry of Defence for the training of our armed forces. There are times when you are not allowed to walk within the ranges, marked by red and white range poles and red flags flying when in use, but there are other times when you can. There are times of the year when visitor access is guaranteed but for all other times, check the firing notices by calling 0800 458 4868 or looking on the Dartmoor Training Area web site.
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Welcome to Dartmoor National Park and the Dartmoor National Park Authority's web site

For aims and objectives of the DPA and details of what they are up to, forthcoming walks etc.

For firing notices for Merrivale. Wilsworthy and Okehampton ranges
dartmoor ranges.co.uk