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There is an excellent array of oraganisations, groups and individuals offering events, walks, talks, exhibitions and shows in and around Dartmoor at all times of the year. It seems pointless to simply relist them here, and I couldn't possibly keep them all up to date, so we've summarised the content for each source and provided a link for you to follow up if you wish. Let me know if you find others you think I should include!

Dartmoor National Park Authority
Walks and Events
Dartmoor Preservation Association
The DNPA Events and Guided Walks programme is a comprehensive guide to 'What's On' in the Dartmoor area, this diary will help you find out what is happening.  We hope you will enjoy what Dartmoor has to offer.........more> Take a walk guided by people who work to maintain and conserve the moor or join them for a day actually helping to do so. Scrub clearance of the Plymouth leat perhaps,a tour around a hydro-electric station or clearing bracken from a bronze age artefact.....more>
Dartmoor Nature Tours
Led by Phil Page


Phil has worked in landscape and nature conservation since 1974 and was the NCC/English Nature Site Manager on Dartmoor for over twenty years.
Phil has been leading guided walks on Dartmoor since 1986 and is a qualified guide for the Dartmoor National Park Authority....more>

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- Family Kullick, Munich
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"Gems in a Granite Setting", an overview of the many aspects of Dartmoor
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