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Beechwood B&B approved accommodation on Dartmoor is proud to be a member of the Dartmoor Partnership

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Beechwooda friendly house on Dartmoor Beechwood - a friendly house

Once two cottages and now one wonderful, friendly house, Beechwood keeps almost all of its original character and feel but with more up to date facilities such as hot and cold water, central heating and electricity! Our water comes from our very own well, so there are no chemicals in it at all so it tastes lovely and it's so soft you don't need so much soap either!

Inside downstairs some walls have been cleaned to show the bare granite including the huge lintels over the fireplaces. We have wood burners in the lounge and dining room, much appreciated by those who have gone out for a walk on days with excessive "damp" in the air!

In the higher and newer section of the house are rooms 1 and 2 and their bathroom and, downstairs, the kitchen and utility. In the middle are rooms 3 and 4 with their en suite facilities and reception and the dining room below. In the lower section, the guest lounge and our private lounge are downstairs and room 5 and our bedroom are above.

All of the rooms in Beechwood are decorated to maintain a simple cottage feel. The construction of the building is plain to see downstairs and the four fireplaces are possibly it's most outstanding features. The sun room extension on the west side is a lovely place to sit and watch the most wonderful sunsets over Higher White Tor.

Including the garden and meadows Beechwood has nearly 6 acres of land where guests are free to roam and enjoy. Photographers and naturalists simply love the hay meadows from May to August when the orchids and other flowers are out.

A house with history
In 1871 a Thomas Rowse was granted a 60 year lease by The Duchy of Cornwall for the building of a house, which eventually became two houses, on waste ground in the Forest. The house had seven rooms and the lower cottage had four.

Beechwood House circa 1923

In 1881 Thomas and his wife Mary were living in the house but, by 1891, Mathew & Maria Rowse were in Beechwood whilst Mary was living in the cottage. By 1900 the lease had been assigned to Matthew and after his death to John Donovan Rowse who held it until it's expiry in 1931.

It was renewed for 31 years on 25th March 1931 and, in 1936 Mr. Rowse assigned it to William Henry Worth. Over the years and with various tenants the property became in need of modernisation and repair and this was undertaken in 1955 by Mr. Springate who with his wife were tenants in the lower cottage by the road.

Another renewal of the lease was granted in 1962 and in 1972 it was assigned to Mr. and Mrs. Maye who converted the two houses into one. It was they who discovered 3 open hearths, which were returned to their original state. More recent owners had modernised and improved the property and our predecessors brought it to the high standards of decoration that we strive to maintain!

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"Wonderful place to be! Lovely lounge, cats included!
Walking through rain & wind during the day we could've sat forever by the fire've a great place here! "
- A & M, Munich
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