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Beechwood B&B approved accommodation on Dartmoor is proud to be a member of the Dartmoor Partnership

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Dartmoor Accommodation- Beechwood B&B on Dartmoor Our home, you're welcome

Beechwood B&B on Dartmoor is our home as well as our business, we love it and we love sharing it with our guests too, but don't just take our word for it, have a look at our Visitors' Book.

We have 5 bedrooms, a dining room, guest lounge and sun room available for our guests. We are not formal by any means (we usually work on a first name basis unless told otherwise).

We have a very lively english Springer Spaniel called Bob and several chickens. All of them are friendly just like us, but not overly so, except Bob who gets very excited when greeting all new arrivals! The hens are good layers and of course we use their eggs at breakfast and for baking.

From arrival to departure we aim to enhance your visit to Dartmoor.
The last thing we would want to do is smother our guests but we do try to be of as much assistance as possible. We have a lot of information in the guest lounge and reception hall, all kinds of guides and reference books. We can help with planning a day out, especially walking and cycling.

Beechwood and the Environment
Whilst we don't describe ourselves as out-and-out ardent "Greenies", we do try very hard to work with respect for the environment - locally and globally. We have a comprehensive environmental policy, we recycle, we harvest rainwater as much as we can, we use environmentally safe cleaners and most importantly - we buy local!

When buying food our first concern is that it should be as local as possible and our second is that it should be organic. Many people have commented on our environmental policy so we have reproduced it here on the web site. We have been awarded for "Putting Dartmoor First", showing that we always support other local businesses and are committed to protecting our most precious environment.

Fighting Siskins
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"Two very special hosts who yet again provided a fantastic weekend full of fun, laughter, lots of fabulous home cooked food. Fabulous time had by all, now relaxed."
- D & D, Bristol
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Accommodation on Dartmoor

All Dartmoor Accommodation provided by members of The Dartmor Partnership is inspected annually to ensure it achieves the minimum standard of 2 stars.
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